Optimum Extracts was established in 2013 when we launched our 100% pure Co2 cannabis oil vape cartridges to the Washington state medical marijuana community. As one of the top three selling pure vape cartridges on the market, we quickly became a well-known leader in the industry. Now in a recreational market, we continue to stay true to the highest standards.

Optimum has put together the best crew to become one of the most specialized teams in the industry. It is through these efforts we have won multiple awards and serve the highest quality cartridges available. We pride ourselves in the standards of every product we produce, this has been our driving force since day one. With almost two decades of combined experience in extraction, we aim to have the safest, cleanest and tastiest products on the market.

So, why exactly do we have the best product on the market? Besides our innate standards to provide a product we are proud of, we also value research and development. Legal cannabis is a relatively new concept and there is still so much research to be done on how to fully utilize the cannabis plant. We are continuously focused on learning how to provide the most benefits with the highest standards in our finished product. This is allowing us to consistently evolve as a top performer in the market and earn your trust.

We use medical grade CO2 which means you have better control over the quality and purity. We use one of the latest extraction technologies, and state-of-the-art, food grade equipment.  We went into this business to make one of the purest and cleanest cannabis products available so you could always buy our products confidently.

Optimum is as about clean, organic and pure as it gets.


At OPTIMUM we strive to bring you the safest, healthiest and most natural cannabis extract products possible. In order to do this, we rely on a combination of extensive cultivation and extraction experience, combined with the most advanced mechanical technology available today.  This combination allows us to produce optimal results with a focus on potency and purity.

Our staff maintains a constant focus on the strictest standards of purity in the industry. At Optimum we take quality assurance very seriously, and take measures at every step in the process. Our five point purity process assures that every product that reaches you is the very best it can be. We directly oversee every aspect of the product from cultivation, to processing, to final packaging with one thing in mind. You!


At Optimum we have identified 5 of the key elements necessary to create the safest, healthiest and most natural cannabis extract products possible. Our focus has resulted in a five-point purity assurance process that we follow rigorously for each batch we process.

This five-point purity assurance measures start with our cultivations, and do not end until the product reaches you. We have segmented our efforts in order to focus more closely on each part of the process and make that process more transparent to our customers. The following is an outline of our commitment to you and to providing the best quality product we can.

  1. We don’t use any chemical fertilizers, pesticides or any other harmful agents in our cultivations or during harvesting.
  2. All instruments vessels and containers used in any of the processes are medical quality glass or 316 stainless steel, and all of them are thoroughly sanitized to food quality standards.
  3. Our Supercritical SC- CO2 Fluid extraction process allows us to truly control every aspect of the extraction process from start to finish. First off, it eliminates any and all contaminates like mold, fungus, heavy metals, or bacteria that may be present in plant material. The Supercritical SC- CO2 process also eliminates the need for any kind of harmful gasses like butane or propane. This also eliminates the need for any harmful solvents, which many processors still use.  We use only high quality CO2. All of our products are: Isobutane free, N-Butane free, Isoproponal free, Mercaptan free, Propane free, Hexane free, Naphtha free and Pentane free.  Our process eliminates any instability in the process and allows consistent temperatures and pressure until the end of the draining portion of the extraction process. This keeps the pumps and vessels free of unwanted cavitation or bubbles in the extract. This extra control in the system is what keeps many of our competitors from matching our quality.
  4. Our product containers and pen cartridges and packaging are all food quality approved, glass and or metal, and are factory sealed by our staff for quality assurance, cleanliness and safety.
  5. All our products are independently tested with High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). A variety of test result specs are provided on each and every product we sell to assure customer satisfaction and keep you informed and educated about you choices.


Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE)  or Supercritical CO2 (SC- CO2) extraction

Supercritical CO2 (SC- CO2) extraction is a process that pressurizes commonly found, natural CO2 gas to over 1200PSI at temperatures around 32 degrees Celsius. Under these conditions CO2 reaches a “supercritical” point and becomes a liquid. This supercritical fluid is the most effective botanical extraction solvent known to man.  It can both permeate like a gas and penetrate like a liquid. Supercritical CO2 also leaves virtually no residual solvents in the solution. The results are an extraction process that produces superior pure pharmaceutical grade extracts that are alive with all the essence, flavors and aromas of the original host plant, but in a concentrated form, letting all of the particular characteristics of your favorite strain shine through.  It gives you everything you want and nothing that you don’t.


Recirculating or “closed loop” Supercritical Co2 fluid extraction uses an advanced system to recover and re-use the gases in a way that does not require additional compressors and pressure vessels. We discovered that the recirculating design adds stability to the process. Older methods of supercritical extraction begin with a cylinder of CO2 or other gas. The gas is fed in a liquid state into a pump, which sends it through a pressure vessel. The vessel is packed with the material intended for extraction. The extract-saturated gas then de-pressurizes into a separator vessel. The de-pressurization causes the extract to fall out and the gas to exit the vessel. CO2 is typically vented off.

The original method possesses some undesirable side effects. First, the initial tank depressurizes and cools as the liquefied gas drains from it. This results in cavitation (bubbles or voids) in the pumps. In turn, there are variations in temperature and pressure across the system, fouling the refinement process. Eden Lab’s new systems maintain a steady state. Once the parameters of temperature and pressure are set, everything remains steady; the operator can maintain temp and pressure all the way through the draining process. This extra control in the system is what is keeping many of our competitors from matching our quality.

Basically this means that Optimum Extracts will always go above and beyond to provide you the best possible products, sourced and produced with the knowledge, that will enable you to have the utmost Optimum Experience!