Pure CO2 oil -Yes, that means NO propylene glycol or other fillers
Clear window into cartridge allows you to see how much oil is left


The Vape E-Joint is all about mobility, discretion, and ease of use. No need to worry about charging your battery or changing cartridges. Sleek and discreet, this brushed nickel disposable pen is ready for mobile action. It literally fits in the palm of your hand, and will easily slide it in your pocket or purse for all your favorite outings.


With a smooth, button-less design, the PURE Co2 Disposable automatically hits like a dab, but without all the work. And it’s also available in a High-CBD version!


Optimum proudly offers both PURE CO2 Oil and PURE CO2 CBD Oil. The PURE Co2 Disposable hits like a dab, but without all the work! It is pretty nice for the heavy smoking customers who might otherwise pass on a disposable that is cut with PG.”


Product Features:

– 350 MG

– 100% Pure oil

– Available in both High-CBD and High-THC ratios

– No additives or glycols

– Button-less, auto-draw

– Viewing port to monitor level

– Synthetic wick for superior taste

– No recharging